Friday, November 20, 2009

2009 San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon - Expo and Pasta Dinner

Finally marathon weekend had arrived. After about six months of training with the USA Fit Training group that was hosted by Run Gear Run I was pretty excited. I think that I was more excited to run this year than I was last year. For one thing I had a lot more running under my belt than what I did last year, I had been running a lot faster this year compared to last year, and I kind of knew what to expect.

I left work early on Friday to pick up my race packet at the expo and walk around. Friday evening I had also volunteered to work at the expo. The expo was pretty cool as usual and there were lots of things to sample. I was really excited that PF Chang's was signing people up to get free food at their tent after the marathon. I even verified that they would still be serving for the slow people like me who were going to take more than four hours to finish. They said that they would be there serving food all day (unfortunately this was a lie as I later found out - it really turned me off from PF Chang's - more about this later)

I splurged while I was at the expo and I bought a SA RNR jacket, a refrigerator magnet, and a SA RNR buff(like the buffs that the Survivor show hands out). I had wanted to buy the buff last year, but didn't decide until I finished the marathon and by then they were all out. I decided to buy the jacket because I figured this was the second time running the marathon I might as well get the jacket. Last year Jill had bought the refrigerator magnet so I thought I would continue the tradition.

Also, while at the expo they were offering a limited number of registrations for 2010 at $55. I can't resist a deal so I went ahead and signed up to run next year also. I know. I know. I am crazy!!!

The most awesome thing ever happened to me at the expo. I was volunteering at the expo (handing out race packets) and was on a break. I was walking through one of the back hallways of the Alamodome and ran into Dick Beardsley (WOW!!!). If you don't already know, Dick is a famous marathoner that came in second place in the Boston Marathon in 1982 in an amazing 2:08!!! He was just behind the winner Alberto Salazar by 2 seconds. That race is one of the most famous Boston Marathons and is called "The Duel in the Sun". Dick was amazing!!! He was so friendly and really took the time to chat with me. It was great. He gladly signed a couple of things for me and I let him get back to his work. Later I caught up to him at his booth and bought one of his books which he also signed.

On Saturday night we had our friends and fellow runners Julianne and Gina and their families over for our version of a pasta dinner. Jill made her fabulous baked spaghetti. We had a great dinner and a fun time. I think this was so much better than going to one of the pasta supper's put on by the events.

A few days earlier I had reviewed my marathon checklist from last year and updated it for this year. I gave a copy of the list to Gina and Julianne. This was going to be their first half marathon. Last year I did my first marathon and Chris from Marathon Chris shared her checklist with me. I was very appreciative for the checklist as her list included something that I never would have thought of on my own, but so desperately needed and that was ---- toilet paper in plastic baggies. It was a lifesaver. As they reviewed the list they razzed me about some of the items that were on the list like - technical underwear, race jersey, and running shoes. I had to explain that the the list was meant to be used for all races especially the ones that you have to travel for. It would really suck to fly into your race a realize that you don't have your shoes - it has been done just ask Alan from the Running with the Pack podcast and blog. He forgot to pack his shoes when he went to run the marathon and had to borrow some from his co-host's (Jeff) wife. I think that they were too small and pink to boot.

After our friends left I went about the process of getting everything ready for the race. It was going to be an early morning as we were going to leave around 4:45am. I wanted to leave as little as possible to do the next morning.

The next post will be about the marathon itself.

May the Force be with You,


Thursday, November 19, 2009


I was just surfing around some of my favorite running websites tonight and found a link to my blog on the San Antonio Road Runners Website under blogs. WOW - blew me out of the water. I wonder how long it has been there. I now feel really bad for not keeping up on what is going on.

I guess you just get busy with work, training, life, and now Facebook and Mafia Wars. The blog has definitely slipped way down on the priority list.

Well anyway on Sunday I finished my second marathon ;-) (WOW!!! Can't believe it!!!). I will work on a race report very soon and try to get back to blogging more frequently.

May the Force be with you