Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Race Report - RGR Endurathon 25k

A couple of Sundays ago I ran in the SARR Endurathon 25k race sponsored by RGR. The race was held in Bulverde, TX. This was the first time that I had run in this race. I had signed up for the race last year, but had a conflict and was unable to run the race.

The morning was fairly cool, but it was expected to get fairly warm during the day. I wore a thick long sleeve tech shirt and warm-up pants. The race course was fairly hilly for the first 8.6 miles. It then flattens out for about 2 miles. There are a couple of more hills until the huge killer hill around mile 13. It seemed to go straight up. It was horrendous!!!

I struggled through the hill and the remainder of the course. I finished the race in 2:16:48 which was am 8:48 minutes/mile pace. I knew this was a really good time for me, but I was not sure how it compared to the other races that I had run at similar distances. When I got home I reviewed the results from the other races that I had ran, which I have listed below.

Around mid Sept I finished the Dallas Tour de Fleur 20k in 1:55:52 which is a 9:15 min/mile. So I had 27 sec/mile improvement. In Oct 2009 I finished the SARR Fall Fest 25k in 2:35:43, which is a 10:05 min/mile, which was an improvement of 1:17 min/miles.

I am thrilled with the results. I think the key has been all of the hill work that I have been completing while getting ready for the Austin Marathon.

May the Force be with You!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Training Update

Training has been going well for the Austin Marathon. I have been really hitting the hills during the training runs. I have modified my routes on the easy runs and long runs to incorporate a lot more hills. I have also added a hill workout each week and have been increasing the number of hills each week. I watched a video of the race course on the Austin Marathon website and there is a huge hill at mile 9. It looked like it was about 3/4 to 1 mile long and was very steep. So when I have been doing the long runs I have tried to get a good sized hill in the route around mile 9 to simulate this hill. I am hoping that it will help me on race day. We will find out.

It looks like they have made some minor changes to the race course this year and have taken out a hill that was at mile 25. I am sure that I will appreciate that on race day!!!

Julianne and I have been meeting regularly on the weekend to do our long runs. It has worked out pretty good. I have been running with her and then continuing on to run the longer distances. It is nice to have company for some of the miles.

So far I have already put in (2) 20 mile runs and am planning on running a third one next week. This is the most 20 mile runs that I will have put in prior to a marathon. I have not been too worried about how long they take as I have added a lot more hills into the routes that I have in the past. All in hopes of making Austin feel easy.

Today, Julianne and I are going to do a 5 - 6 mile run. I am planning on starting at the Pearl Brewery and running along the new Riverwalk extension. It should be a neat run. Then tomorrow I am running in the San Antonio Road Runners Endurathon 25k race. The race is being sponsored by Run Gear Run (one of the San Antonio running stores). I don't know much about the course as I have not run in the Bulverde area before. I really like running in different locations. You get to see new areas from a different perspective when you go out and run. This is one reason that I look for races when I so on vacations or take along running gear when going out of town.

May the Force be with YOU!!!