Saturday, December 26, 2009

What Next

Well after the Marathon I was sooo looking forward to the P.F. Chang's that they were offering on the day of the race for those that had signed up at the expo. I was concerned that they would be gone or out by the time I finished. So I asked the people at the expo if they would be there for the people that finish in 4 + hours and they assured me that they would be there all day. So I finished the race and made it through the refueling/support area and went right to the P.F. Chang's tent - only to find them packing up for the day and turning everyone away. I don't know if they ran out of food or were only staying for part of the day. Regardless, P.F. Chang's is a big sponsor of the Rock and Roll Marathons and they should be prepared to serve all of the finishers of the marathon or not sponsor/participate at all. This was a big turn-off for me on P.F. Chang's.

Now that I have that off from my chest!!! What am I going to do next......

Julianne and Gina told me that they were planning on running the Austin Half Marathon on February 14th. So I figured what the heck I might as well give it a try as I have heard really good things about the Austin Marathon. In general Austin has a really good reputation for putting on good races and providing great race support. I have run the Capitol 10k, Austin 10K+ Adventure Race, and the 3M Half Marathon. I have not been disappointed by the support at the races. The only bad part about the Austin Marathon is that it has a reputation of a lot of hills.

I went ahead and signed up for the full marathon. I figured that I will try and incorporate a lot of hills into my training program. This should also help to keep me motivated and ensure that I continue with the long runs.

By the way I would like to give a big shoult out to Julianne and Gina for completing their first half marathon. They did great and had a lot of fun!!!!

May the Force be with YOU!!!


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