Friday, April 9, 2010

NY Marathon - Lottery results

Late last year I entered the lottery to get a chance to run the NY Marathon. There are several ways to get entered to run in the NY Marathon, but for most of us we have to enter the lottery drawing. Well they have completed the lottery drawing and have published the winners that will get to run in the 2010 NY marathon. Drum roll please..........

I did not win an entry to the marathon. This is just as well. I had not planned on running in the NY marathon this year due to the lottery system. They do have a backdoor entry. If you do not get into the marathon through the lottery for three years in a row, then you are guaranteed entry for the fourth year. So if I apply again for 2011 and 2012 and do not get in I will automatically get in in 2013. I think that 2013 will work into my plans just fine and I will be set to run the 2013 NY Marathon. My goal will be run the NY Marathon and qualify for the Boston Marathon.

It is just as well that I did not get in to the NY Marathon this year as back in November I had signed up for the 2010 San Antonio Rock and Roll marathon so the NY Marathon did not really fit into my plans for this year. Typically, this would result in me getting the race entry, because it would not really fit into my plans. This time I got lucky.



alex m said...

Nice blog! I am a beginner runner also! but how the heck can you get at a minus 9 minute pace! Ive lost 45 pounds since I started for the RNR race last june and love running..Im at 10:00-10:30 a mile and would like to get to 9:30. How did you pick up your time? Im going to join sanantoniofit next month and hope with crosstraining and more weight loss I can pick up my time..Alex M

Star Wars Runner said...

Alex, thanks for the comment. Congratulations on your successes!!! For me the times have dropped through consistent running. I have not done much in the way of cross training with the exception of core exercises (situps, planks, bicycles etc.) I seemed to notice improvements when I included speed workouts and hill workouts in my training, but be careful with this as is does increase your risk of injury. Good Luck and thanks for the comment. I have not been good about updating the blog, but try to get better!!!